Hand Stretch Wrap Film

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Hand Stretch Wrap Film

PE hand stretch wrap film is mainly used in the manual packaging of goods. It is designed with the lighter weight than the machine type, in order to facilitate the manual operation. It is the simplest one in stretch film package. Mounted on a shelf or held by the hand, the film is wrapped around items. The commonly used thickness is 15 ~ 23μm.

Standard specifications of hand stretch wrap film: 50 cm wide * 23 μm thick * 472 m long per roll, net weight 5 kg per roll.

In addition, we can provide made-to-order products according to customer requirements. Size range: width: 10-180 cm, thickness: 12-80 μm. Please send us the specifications for customization, clearly indicating the length, width, and thickness. Hence, we can manufacture the suitable product for customers based on the supplied size.

As a specialized hand stretch wrap film manufacturer and supplier in China, our company also provides polyolefin shrink film, plastic food wrap / cling film, PET plastic strapping, and BOPP adhesive tape, among others.

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