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Machine Stretch Film Roll

PE machine stretch film roll is used in combination with the packaging machine, so its tensile strength and toughness need to be very high. About 30% metallocene should be added to increase the puncture resistance of the film. This is a most commonly and widely used form of mechanical packaging. The pallet rotates or film rotates around the pallet, while the film is fixed in the bracket to be vertically movable. The suitable film thickness is approximately 18 ~ 30μm.

Standard specifications of machine stretch film roll: 50 cm (width) * 25 μm (thickness) * 1391 m (length) per roll, 16 kg (net weight) per roll.

According to customer requirements, we can provide custom-designed products. Size range: width: 10-180 cm, thickness: 18 - 80 μm. If you need the customized product, please send us the specifications of the product, clearly marking the length, width, and thickness. We can manufacture the suitable product for customers based on the provided size.

We are a China-based machine stretch film roll manufacturer and supplier. In addition to stretch wrap film, we also offer LLDPE protective film, shrink wrapping, BOPP adhesive tape, silage preservation film, and more.

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